Computer Glasses

Specific computer glasses can greatly help protect the eyes from artificial lights and colors, reducing stress and eye fatigue, which would then have repercussions on various levels.
The characteristics that determine the best PC glasses are various: the materials used will make the difference when you have to wear them all day long. The comfort and the fact that you are able to wear them “without realizing it” will therefore represent a fundamental aspect.
There are also lenses equipped with filters. The most common is the anti-flicker: in this way you will protect the retina of the eye from damage. Computer glasses with blue light filter will allow your eye to tire much less, enduring long daily or periodic sessions much better.

Blue & Beyond glasses

Blue & Beyond consists of the combination of iconic frames and qualitative lenses with a double innovation factor, expressly designed to relieve eye fatigue both indoors and outdoors.
The double benefit of the product derives from the union of distinctive models and lenses characterized by blue-light filter and photochromic technology: these reduce the impact of the high-energy light emanating from computers and digital instruments and at the same time, become darker for protect your eyes when exposed to sunlight.

Blue Block Glasses

Glasses that block blue light undergo a special treatment that gives them an anti-blue light filter, to protect the eyes from the high-frequency light emitted by electronic devices and some lighting systems. Very often the lens of these glasses has a light or intense yellow tint. This type of glasses is ideal for those who spend several hours at the PC for work or leisure.

Photochromic glasses

Photochromic lenses represent a valid alternative for those who do not want to constantly switch from sunglasses to prescription glasses, passing from an open to a closed place.
They are lenses that darken with the sun and then, after exposure, they return to neutral. They allow a comfortable vision in all light conditions and thanks to the adaptation according to the exposure they protect with reflections and light. They have total protection against UVA and UVB rays. No less important, only glasses are used in all conditions, making them comfortable and convenient to use.