Akoni Sunglasses

Akoni Sunglasses

Occhiali da sole Akoni GEMINI AKX401A 048 lateraleOcchiali da sole Akoni GEMINI AKX401A 048 frontale



Occhiali da sole Akoni SPRINT-A AKS504B 055 lateraleOcchiali da sole Akoni SPRINT-A AKS504B 055 frontale




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Occhiali da sole Akoni

Akoni glasses: Timeless design

The Akoni Group eyewear brand born in 2020 aims to "help the world discover that eyewear is the most important of all fashion accessories". Akoni Eyewear focuses on timeless design, no concessions to seasonal trends and excellent materials.

Akoni sunglasses: Smart luxury DNA

The Akoni collection incorporates the latest advances in craftsmanship, materials and technology to ensure the recognizable presence of Akoni's intelligent luxury DNA. Akoni sunglasses are deceptively elegant with intricate detailing that is the hallmark of the brand.

Montature occhiali da sole Akoni
Occhiale da sole Akoni

Akoni sunglasses: Japanese manufacturing

Akoni sunglasses are aimed at a global audience to whom the brand aims to offer honest luxury and unassailable quality. These timeless design sunglasses are produced in one of Japan's oldest and finest manufacturing facilities by some of the world's most talented and experienced eyewear craftsmen.

Akoni glasses and excellent materials

Akoni glasses are handcrafted, a short distance from Osaka, in titanium or acetate (the Japanese one is cotton-based) and feature hypoallergenic ceramic nose pads.

Akoni Occhiali da sole