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CT0439S 002

Sunglasses CT0439S 002 in material metal , in color black and of the form geometric .
Fits the face diamond and triangular .

Auction measurements: 145 mm

Bridge size: 19 mm

Lens size: 54 mm

The Cartier CT0439S 002 sunglasses are a masterpiece of design and luxury. Their geometric frame, particularly suitable for diamond or triangular faces, reflects a modern and distinctive aesthetic. The contrast between the white temples and the black front adds a touch of elegance and refinement, making these glasses perfect for a sophisticated look. Made of metal, they offer durability and comfort, ensuring a high-quality wearing experience. The black lenses provide effective protection from the sun's rays, adding an additional element of style. The Cartier CT0439S 002 sunglasses are the expression of the prestige and elegance of the Cartier brand, an ideal choice for those looking for an accessory that makes the difference.

Front color: black

Auction color: white

Lens color: black


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